Our ambition is to become the leading consulting firm on piloting, performance and transformation of operations

OCYO Consulting was founded in 2011 by a team of experts coming from major consulting firms of industry and services.

Our team has been at the cutting edge of the piloting, performance and transformation of operations for more than 20 years.

Our ambition is to become the leading consulting firm on the entire operations chain, from product design to recycle.

We have a unique expertise, a proven approach and an experienced team

Offres de service

"...Beyond immediate competitiveness, our customers' challenges lie also in the continuous adaptation to market trend fluctuations and resource constraints..." read more

We work worldwide for major international players in the industrial and service sectors

"...They provided a valuable clarity on a topic which is not always well-understood, finely structured and simply explained..." read more

Schneider Electric

We recruit, train and develop talented people who accelerate value creation


"...Ever since joining the OCYO team, I have been given interesting and high added-value assignments. I had the lead to carry out and supervise major tasks with a great deal of autonomy..." read more

We massively invest in R&D to build the innovative practices and solutions of tomorrow

OCYO Consulting invests almost 20% of its revenue every year in research and development.

Our projects are focused on promising topics in collaboration with a range of partners:

  • Research laboratories of top universities and engineering schools
  • Key industrial players
  • Specialized competitiveness clusters

They are focused on promising topics, amongst which circular economy planning.